Open to all graduates of Happi Dawgs II and above.

To participate in Happi Dawgs 3, you must register  for your first class online and come to class on the date you chose.  After that, you will register for following classes by making your reservation with Patty directly. All Happi Dawgs 3 classes meet on Mondays at 6:45pm and Thursdays at 11am. Each class is 45 mins.  This is not a series type class.  So you can come to any class, at the time you choose, with your registration/reservation.

If you have a reservation for class and cannot attend, please call to cancel within 48 hours.

All classes are held at Pet Food Express, at the Roseville Fountains Mall.

Open to all graduates of Happi Dawgs 2 or equivalent

With this Personalized, semi private class (no more than 6 dogs), we will not only focus on increasing proficiency and performance of your pup in a variety of distractions and real life situations, we will also focus on your very own person training needs and situations.

In every class, each student’s question or training challenge will get addressed. We will break down the step by step process on how to become successful in training your dog for the issue in question.  That way, you will leave the class with the tools to continue progress in your work with your dog at home.  At the same time, continuing to improve your timing, body language, verbal command and ability to to become a better trainer and build an incredible bond with your dog.  Not to mention, have a wonderfully trained dog!

Since each class will address one training issue brought up by each student, each week, you can focus on anything you need and learn with your classmates! Since Happi Dawgs 3 is not taught as sequentially as Happi Dawgs I or 2, a student can come to any class on Monday or Thursday  with a reservation and work on the training you and your dog need.

The class will focus on new topics of your choice and assist you in better understanding how your dog is learning from you.  It will emphasize just how your timing, body language and management are effecting your dogs learning ability.  The training skills taught, will aid you further into  mastering anything from the perfect walk on a loose leash (even in open space), rapid fire recalls, extreme leave it’s and waits, better social manners, tricks,  and extreme stays with distractions.

What’s even better is this class offers a multi-class discount AND each class is independent of the others. So you can come when your schedule permits and not miss anything if you can’t attend a class.

Bring Leash, collar or harness (no choke chains please) and soft, small, nutritious treats for your dog.  It’s best not to feed them before class.

Classes held on Thursdays 11am – 11:45am or Mondays at 6:45-7:00pm

Since class space is limited you must cancel your reservation 48 hours in advance or incur the class fee.

6 classes for $180  must use within 3 months of purchase. You will select the first class you want only on the website.  After that, you will make your class reservation directly with Patty

Multi Class Discounts are available. Contact Patty for more details and to register.

12 Classes for $288 (a 20% discount) – Must use within 5 months of purchase

25 Classes for $450 (a 40% discount) – Must use within 10 months of purchase

Watch this video to learn more