Having a dog is a great joy! Knowing how to train your dog and what to do can sometimes be a challenge. I specialize in coaching people and their dogs, utilizing positive reinforcement dog training techniques. Over the past 18 years, I have developed the Happi Dawgs programs so my clients will be coached in ways they understand and obtain the goals they want for their dogs, while having fun. My goal of keeping dogs with the people they love and reducing unwanted dogs ending up in shelters has led me to help as many people and dogs as I can. By educating people on how dogs learn and sharing techniques that really work, the human – dog bond increases as well as understanding and respect. My wish is to bring more harmony to dogs and their humans, I hope with more education, we together can reduce the millions of dogs getting euthanized yearly, in shelters, around the United States.

Our classes are designed to provide you with the training tools and knowledge necessary to improve your relationship with your dog. Your increased understanding of your dog’s behavior allows you to more effectively train your dog to be the well behaved pet you have always dreamed of having in your life!

In my Happi Dawgs seminars, classes and private in home lessons, your dog gets to learn by using its own mind and body. You will be thrilled to find out that positive reinforcement training is not just about feeding your dog treats all day. You will learn many training shortcuts and behavior modifications so that you may enjoy a wonderful relationship with your dog.

As a professional dog trainer and behavior coach, I can help you with issues from aggression to over zealousness.

I am a graduate of The Marin Humane Society’s Dog Training and Behavior Academy, creator of “The Little Nippers” and “Passion for Pit Bulls” – Educational Workshops, and creator of “Bow Wow – WOW! Bootcamp – the ultimate workout for you and your dog.

I look forward to working with you and your dog,

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